(Pictures coming) I had a great time during my week in Munich. There was lots of time for me to relax as well as plenty of time to take in the sites and even make a day trip to a famous castle! Read on for my timeline in this beautiful city, which I will update … Continue reading Munich


Intro Food Culture Public Health and Policy Sustainability Introduction Germany is split into 16 states, each with their own local government. However, the Federal laws and regulations still take precedence, so that means anything coming out of Berlin is the law of the land (ie: Berlin is the Germany equivalent of Washington, DC). Much like … Continue reading Germany


Introduction - I had trouble pulling issues of public policy, sustainability/environment and food culture per city to make each post long enough, so please see the Germany section for those paragraphs! That will be published on Sunday 12/18 as I continue to collect pictures of sustainability efforts in practice, and information about different programs in … Continue reading Berlin