Wrapping Up Whole30 / Transition to “Slow Carb”

Whole30 is rounding home while Tim Ferriss' "Slow Carb" diet is next at bat (excuse the April baseball language) This week, I am finishing the Whole 30 and will begin reintroducing foods. To speed up the reintroduction process, I plan to add "forbidden" foods to breakfast and lunch, but remain Whole30 compliant for dinner, so … Continue reading Wrapping Up Whole30 / Transition to “Slow Carb”


Introduction - I had trouble pulling issues of public policy, sustainability/environment and food culture per city to make each post long enough, so please see the Germany section for those paragraphs! That will be published on Sunday 12/18 as I continue to collect pictures of sustainability efforts in practice, and information about different programs in … Continue reading Berlin