Keto Diet – Week 1

Keto = 80% fat, 15% protein, 5% carbs

I am publishing this partially written because I wanted to get *something* up today. After catching up on the last few weeks, during which I fell off because I was failing the slow carb diet but also because I got busy with work and life, I am recommitting to publish five posts per month!

Read a little about the Keto diet here (overview of diet coming):

Monthly stats check-in:


All that sugar in June was about to start catching up with me 😦

My Keto Breakdown:

  • ~1800 calories
  • 150 – 160g fat (75-80%)
  • 68 – 90g protein (15-20% of calories)
  • 23g net carbs (5% of calories, g’s don’t include fiber)

Week ahead:

Travel = not a lot planned, put half of meal prep in freezer for return home next week.

Oh Pinterest, you will be my friend for keto. On Sunday I meal prepped the following pinterest recipes:

  • Keto mini-meatloaves
  • Zucchini Enchiladas

My shopping list was pricey as I also picked up MCT oil, ghee, kerrygold butter, and Siggi’s yogurt. If there’s one thing I’ll get more of during Keto than the slow carb diet or Whole 30, it’s calcium (and fat… duh) 😛

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