Whole 30 – Week 3

From a meal prep perspective, this picture from Whole Daily Life makes me happy on many different levels

Whole30 hacks that might be useful for newbies:

  • From Phyiscal Kitchness:
    • Freeze ginger (makes it easier to grate for recipes)
    • Bake your bacon (at 400 for ~15min)
      • This keeps your stove-top clean, removes the smell of bacon from your home when you take out the trash, and you can also layer the bacon on cooling racks over veggies so the bacon fat drips on the veggies… yum
    • Drink hot tea in the evening to calm you before bed and keep you distracted from nocturnal snacking
    • And many others, some common sense and some not just applicable to Whole30
    • One hack I don’t suggest: keeping food in cans and using plastic lids. Instead: put the food in a plastic container for storage and throw those cans in the recycle bin.
  • From Whole Kitchen Sink:
    • “Put your kitchen to work”… I love this! This is all about multi-tasking, using your appliances at the same time to reduce your overall meal prep time. Don’t make all the meals in the oven, use your crockpot, stovetop AND your oven to meal prep. Also consider some meals (or sides) that have mostly raw ingredients.
    • Remember to plan pre/post-workout meals or snacks
    • Create an inventory of your pantry and freezer, plan meals around these items first, if possible, THEN make your shopping list.
  • If you must order from a meal service company, there should be plenty of options for you. Territory Foods, which operates in the DC/VA/MD area as well as SoCal, San Fran, and Dallas, TX, offers Whole30 compliant meals as well as Paleo, Keto, low fat, and vegetarian options. If meal delivery services are in your budget and you really “don’t have the time” to cook for yourself, they run $65 for 5 lunches ($12.50 a pop) and deliver to a fitness center near you. Some of the Territory Foods Whole30 meals include:
    • Andouille sausage with spaghetti squash
    • Cumin lime chicken with apple jicama slaw and garlic broccoli
    • Ground turkey chili verde
    • German brat meatballs with mashed potatoes and bacon slaw

Week 2 in Review:

Week 2 went as planned with Larabars and RX Bars added in for snacking / meeting carbohydrate needs.

Overall, week 2 on Whole 30 went really well! Planning is still a huge part of making the week successful. However, this week I met someone who did not like my level of planning or record keeping. And, I discovered some other interesting things which I am excited to share. 


  • Low blood sugar, headaches – I woke up feeling groggy and hungover on both Monday and Tuesday so I upped my intake of dates, fruit and snack bars (which I was originally trying to avoid but… that didn’t go so well). This increased my daily carb intake and the groggy mornings went away through the week.
  • Monday evening I met a date at a bar. As I sipped on club soda while he had an old fashioned, we talked about Whole 30 among other things. Interesting experience, because this has never happened to me before: This dude was APPALLED that I cook so much at home (insert mind-blown emoji here) and said that as a real estate agent, part of his job is taking his clients out to dinner, and that both his work and social lives would take a hit if he ate dinner at home more frequently (he dines out ~5 nights a week)… He also projected about how Whole 30 is affecting my social life (um… are you complaining that I’m not racking up a tab of food and drinks for you to pay for?). So many things didn’t make sense with this guy. Anyway, NEXT.
  • One thing that Whole 30 has introduced me to is Larabar. This week was a struggle because my sweet tooth was like, “Oh hey! You can have Larabars!” and my brain was like, “No, you’re not suppose to have them for dessert, they’re for emergencies or when you’re out being active.” This is good thing for Larabar, because now that I know how delicious they are, I will keep buying them (the turmeric+ginger+beet and the cherry pie one are my faves so far). However, the increased my carb and fiber intake so I’m still trying to figure out if having a Larabar every day is such a bad thing…
My kryptonite on Whole30… or my ambrosia? TBD


  • I planned on a daily 4pm snack, but ended up moving that to lunchtime because even though I love that sesame chicken salad so much that I made it for lunch again this week, and even at ~600 calories, I was still feeling hungry after lunch. Since I’m working out in the middle of the day, I figured a big ole lunch and a more reasonably sized dinner was better. Between lunch and dinner I focused on drinking lots of water. 
  • Wednesday night I had a dinner date. He suggested Rose’s Luxury and I had to counter suggest an Italian restaurant (Acqua al 2) where it would be easier for me to find compliant food and be less tempted. This is my second favorite Italian spot in the city so it was still a good time. Their steaks are THE BEST, and my date chivalrously allowed me to eat more of the ribeye and he had more of the chicken. He also had a pasta dish, but I didn’t care because that ribeye was heaven.
  • The burger bowls that I made for dinner were good, but were basically salads with pickles and mustard. I LOVE pickles and mustard, though, so that was a win. They weren’t all that filling even with tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, and avocado/lime dressing, so I had a Larabar or dates afterwards. 
  • Successfully denied temptation at the Game of Thrones watch party, where we had a Thai themed potluck and there were plenty of grain-filled treats making my mouth water. Specifically this chocolate espresso cake shaped and iced like a dragon’s egg. I brought a Larabar in my purse for my dessert.

Weird TMI stuff from the past week:

  • Gassiness and bloating persist, though somewhat sporadic
  • Started my period 8 days early, even on birth control… After a quick google search and reading on the Whole 30 forum, I’ve learned that other ladies have experienced this, too. Though it appears more ladies have experienced their period arriving late. Wondering if I should see a doctor about this? 
  • Still having mild headaches and am thinking about taking ibuprofen in the morning or before bed 

Week 3 – Coming up this week:  

Repeating some meals from last week, leaving the weekend open for leftovers and social life.

This week is similar to the last few weeks as far as my work and social life go. I’m not going on any dates this week, but do plan seeing Pride and Prejudice at the West End Theatre on Wednesday evening so I plan to eat dinner early then have an RX Bar as a snack either during or after the movie. I left Saturday open to have left overs or be with friends. For the next Game of Thrones potluck we are doing Indian food, so I will probably make chicken tikki masala and serve it over cauliflower rice, unless I find a more appealing Indian-inspired recipe.

Meal plan:

  • Breakfast casserole – 12 eggs beat with 1/2 cup nutritional yeast and 3/4 cup coconut milk poured over sauteed broccoli, spinach, onion, and 1lb ground turkey (seasoned with chile powder, coriander, cumin, salt/pepper), on a hash-brown crust, topped with 8oz turkey bacon. Baked on 400 for 30min then broiled for 5min.
  • Lunch – sesame chicken salad (loved this so much last week that it’s being repeated)
  • Snacks/Lunch sides – fruit, dates, nuts, RX Bars, Larabars
  • Dinner –
    • Cashew Chicken and Broccoli – via Paleo Gluten Free 
      • I added more ginger and garlic than called for
      • This was a big hit at the friends’ Game of Thrones night
      • Over cauliflower rice
    • Salmon with asparagus, kale salad (with roasted squash, raisins, garlic, hazelnuts – own creation)
    • Left over asparagus and kale salad as sides for cashew chicken and broccoli dinners

This week I better utilized my Hungry Harvest box to meal plan and make my grocery list. I also noted that Whole Foods was having some good sales on meat so I stocked up on chicken thighs ($1.99/lb instead of $3.99), grass-fed ground beef ($4.99/lb instead of $6.99), and salmon ($9.99/lb instead of $16.99).  For those of you wondering how long it takes me to meal prep, the answer is roughly two hours. I will take before, during, and after pictures of my kitchen next week so you can see that it goes from lookin like a hot mess to looking like nothing was even cooked in there because I portion, stow and clean as I go, which leaves only a small list of things to clean at the end (I sweep, take the trash out, etc).

My fridge on Sunday night:
6 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 2 dinners ready to go. The rest to be assembled later in the week.

Halfway through Whole 30!

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