Intermittent Fasting – Week 11

You may have noticed that I skipped posting last week! This is because my computer unexpectedly stopped working, then spent a few days in the care of Apple Support Services. So I was computer-less from Saturday to Thursday of last week. But here I am 🙂

Skipping IF chat in the interest of time and that there are already nine of them for you to read from!

Recap: Week 9

Week 9 Complete… Felt pretty good, still didn’t miss breakfast!

The last (supposed to be last) week of 16 hours fasting : 8 hours eating went well again during the week. I’ve been pretty stressed out lately and though I know alcohol shouldn’t be a crutch, it’s nice to unwind with a couple glasses of wine with dinner. This is something that my clients can relate to, I know… It’s hard, not going to lie. 

I know that everyone goes through rough patches, and I accept that that’s where I am right now. It has been more challenging for me to heed my own advice than usual. While I know that I should be going to bed early and keeping my mind clear, I have had issues falling asleep, getting good rest. Tossing and turning through the nights left me tired. That Friday evening also marked my return to dating new people, so there were some weekend first dates thrown in (neither would result in a second date) and then celebrating friends’ personal successes on Saturday evening and Sunday. I did more dining out than usual even for a weekend.


  • Pluses – planning during the week kept me on track per usual
  • Minuses – more alcohol than planned, fell apart more than usual on weekend due to social life

Week 10: “Alternate Day Fasting”

The original template for Alternate Day Fasting…

I kept telling myself, “it’s only three weeks, just do Mon/Wed/Fri of fasting.” Well, Monday and Tuesday of that week went fine, but… 

Epic fail at Alternate Day Fasting 😛

Tuesday evening I had a date who, while eating bread and marinara sauce along with our giant meatball, and drinking beer, tells me that he’s “keto”. He says he usually drinks whiskey and eats lots of meat and vegetables… BTW that still isn’t keto but I just felt like saying “thank you for dinner” and moving on with my life rather than arguing with some guy who I was probably never going to see again anyway.

Wednesday I had a 600 calorie lunch, then went to a networking event in the evening planning to drink seltzer and not eat anything. When the avocado toast was set out, I promptly took a piece, and nibbled on a charcuterie tray along with two small glasses of red wine (which I counted as 1.5 glasses, because they were like 4oz each). At home, I watched an episode of Game of Thrones before retiring with a book, and enjoyed another glass of wine (ok, glass and a half… Game of Thrones is a difficult show to watch without drinking wine, considering how much they drink!).

Thursday I had another first date with a guy who was so oblivious to the fact that I was starving that I was on my fourth piece of pita bread before he asked if I was hungry and ordered brussels sprouts for us to share. I don’t know the logic behind asking someone out during dinner time and not expecting to have dinner. In hindsight, I’d have rather just gone straight home to my cheeseburger!

Friday afternoon I texted my sister, “I just had lunch and I’m already upset about not being able to have dinner.” Then at 8pm I texted her, “F**k it, I’m having a cheeseburger. I exercise too much to not eat.” This was after a day with two spin classes and a crossfit workout. Then I met *another* date out for drinks at Eatbar, and we shared a small portion of the best onion rings ever. I will miss those onion rings. This guy was neither a headstrong jerk nor an oblivious nervous nelly, and he will probably get a second date. 

Notes: 1) I have burger patties in my freezer and am trying to get through them, hence why you see cheeseburgers popping up on my food journal. 2) There are several visits to Eatbar between Friday of week 9 and Friday of week 10 because I learned that they were closing and I loved that place!

Breakfast “totchos” at Blue Jacket… I could only eat half 😛

Saturday and Sunday were planned as non-fasting days, and you can see that I enjoyed quite a bit of tasty food over the weekend.

Week 11:

Proposed week 11 plan

I realize that on top of being a person who isn’t obese and doesn’t need fasting to result in weight loss, trying to fast for three days per week would also probably lead to throwing food away. So I’ve decided to forgo “alternate day fasting”. I thought about doing 5 days eating + 2 days fasting and schedule those days as Tuesday/Thursday, but I have a considerable amount of perishable food to get through. My new plan is to have smaller dinners on Tuesday and Thursday so that I don’t end up with food waste.  

Hungry Harvest brought a bunch of fruit this week plus grape tomatoes and collard greens, so I made blueberry protein pancakes to have for lunch with my smoothies, and made “collard greens with toasted coconut” along with a wild rice salad including butternut squash and craisins to be eaten alongside rotisserie chicken. That leaves grape tomatoes and sugar snap peas to be eaten for snacks, which I plan on dipping in tzitziki, and a piece of fruit for every day! Look at how that worked out 🙂 

Next week I will be preparing to start Whole 30!  I’m sure that some facets of IF will stay with me through the year. Or maybe I’ll be so hungry on Whole 30 that they won’t… stay tuned 😛

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