The First Post!


Guten Tag, aus Vienna!

I did it. I quit my job at the end of October, which was bittersweet for many reasons. Then I left for an adventure. Three months. Just me, my passport, and a carry-on sized backpack. Winter in Europe… Come at me, “bro”. Haha, ha…

While some might refer to this as an “Eat, Pray, Love” trip, it’s actually the opposite considering that the woman who wrote that “memoir” is a serial cheating narcissist.

…Moving on…

To me, this trip is about finding my path and figuring out how to incorporate all of my interests and passions into a sustainable and fulfilling career. Obviously nutrition is my number one passion, and I am proud to wear the credential “Registered Dietitian”.

A little about me:











I’m a registered dietitian with a masters in holistic nutrition. I am also a fully certified Stott Pilates and cycling instructor. Other passions and interests include public health/policy, cycling, cooking,  sustainability/the environment, travel, and writing.

So here’s how I’m going to start making all my interests come together… Traveling, and writing about all of the above!

Please join me on my journey through Europe. Here’s our itinerary:

  • Armenia – Yerevan, Nor Hachn (my twin sister, Rachie, is in the Peace Corps)
  • Denmark – Copenhagen, Malmo
  • Germany – Berlin, Dresden [?], Nuremberg, Frankfurt [Mainz, Rudesheim], Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Munich
  • Italy – Venice, Florence, Rome
  • Spain – Barcelona (for NYE)
  • France  – Provence/Monaco/Nice, Marseilles, Lyon, Dijon [?], Paris
  • Britain  – London

What will I be writing about?

  • What a “typical meal” looks like, breaking it down in relation to health
  • Cultural traditions around meals and eating, and maybe holidays
  • Is there a USDA-like organization? What does their “my plate” look like?
  • What health disparities do these countries face? What policy initiatives are in motion to address them?
  • Does “Blue Zones” need to be updated? I can help work on that! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • And my various adventures

As of now, I only have Yerevan, Copenhagen and Barcelona booked for places to stay, so if you know people anywhere I’m going, feel free to connect us!  I am also flexible with my travel itinerary between Germany, Italy, and France. I just have to be in Rome on 12/29/2016 for my flight to Barcelona and in London on 1/31/2017 for my flight home. So if you have suggestions for my route or think I’m missing something, speak up! Also speak up if you have friends or contacts in any of these places that I can interview for content!

As I was typing this I got a confirmation email from the Mayor’s Office that I have been selected as an appointee to the Mayor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Nutrition! So… Congratulations, to me  🙂


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